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Five Little Internet Conversation Starters

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So one of the formats I’d like to try is to post five little things that I have noticed or read during the course of a day that could make for interesting conversation.  Comment; don’t comment… I’m fine either way.

  • I saw an ad today for my former dentist’s office, a practice that just so happens to be on the 69th floor of the Chrysler Building, featured prominently in both of the little newspapers that are given out for free in the subway during morning rush hour.  Is this the Magnolia Bakery of dentist offices now?  Just because something was talked about on Mad Men, you think people are going to rush to see if there really is a dental office in the Chrysler Building?  Wait until people find out you guys can’t keep an 8:00 am appointment…
  • I don’t know whether I am amused or horrified by the attention-grabbing characters I encounter in this city every single day.  I can’t be sure if they’re being ironic, edgy, or if they are really mentally ill.  Today’s was a clearly strung out, gangly white guy helping an old lady across the street.  He was wearing a bandana made of the flag of Swaziland and a tee shirt with Barbra Streisand on it.  Scary or hilarious?  Hilscarious.
  • Beyoncé bought Jay-Z a private jet for his first Father’s Day. A $40 million custom Bombardier Challenger 850, no less. ImageThis is a serious business aircraft being given to a man-child.  Never mind the fact that no one should probably fly private in the general interests of the environment, but isn’t it a little ridiculous that Jay-Z’s wealth was gained on the shoulders of the gang-infested and crime-ridden world he escaped from?
  • A state lawmaker in Michigan was prevented from saying the word “vagina” in a legitimate biological context during debate over anti-abortion legislation… so how else do normal people respond than by staging The Vagina Monologues on the steps outside.  These are just words… It blows my mind that the men who would take women’s rights away cannot even say the names of the real estate they’re trying to trespass on.  Small government!*  (*Unless we think what you’re doing or who you are is icky.)
  • Rodney King died over the weekend.  As horrible as the reasons were for why he became a household name in the first place, he never seemed able to find peace in his own life, even 20 years later… and that’s after multiple public expressions of forgiveness.  I remember having a very heavy discussion in middle school about the potential consequences of the acquittal of the police officers involved in the King beating.  And I remember the riots and the Reginald Denny revenge beating that followed. With Rodney King gone, can we honestly say we’ve made any progress since the early 90s on the race front?

Written by Dave

June 18, 2012 at 23:04

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