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This office building tests its fire alarm system more than any building I’ve ever been in, and that includes schools. The alarm system has been sounded, tested, fingered, and otherwise manipulated every day for the last two weeks and more than 75 times (!!!) in the barely three and a half years I have worked in my current job.

I’m sorry, but that is way too much. Fire alarm testing is often unnecessary, disruptive to what is first and foremost a place of business, and a short step from a dangerous reduction in readiness in case of an actual emergency. I’d hate to think of how many people here will burn because they are thinking the alarm they hear is just a test.

What we have in the building is a staff member who is secretly a fire academy reject and who gets his rocks off by pressing buttons and making lots of noise. Do that shit on someone else’s time.

Written by Dave

June 25, 2012 at 12:54

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