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A more perfect union

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Today is July 4. Independence Day is a great opportunity not only to have hot dogs and watch fireworks but to reflect on the ways to make this country better.

If you have had the pleasure of travelling to other countries, you can observe the way things are done in other places and can think about how other nations’ successes could possibly be applied here.  If only there were not such division, stubbornness, and ignorance among wide swaths of our own population and among some of our politicians of both long and short tenure.  I grew up in an environment of Jews, Europeans, and other liberals who knew exactly what needed to be done to have a solvent universal health system, sensible gun control, equal rights for the LGBT community, and fair treatment of the workforce – among many other things – but this same group always felt it was impossible get the rest of the country to go along.  I never understood that.  I never understood why people on the other side believe that government cannot actually be used to help its citizens when that exact thing has been done so many places before. Try telling Canadians you want to take away their health care, or try telling the French they can’t have their holiday time, or try telling Scandinavians there is no more public education.  Watch what happens.

Why do we go around telling everyone, including each other, that we’re number 1 when all we’re really number 1 at is telling people we’re number 1?

Written by Dave

July 4, 2012 at 11:30

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