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FLICS #3: Back from the Dead Edition

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There are so many ideas for posts in my head and such an annoyingly svelte amount of time to devote to writing about them all. And some topics are just too big to put into one of these rapid fire bullet lists. I’ll get to them, of course; I just have to give them the thought and respect they deserve.

Other conversation starters, though, are perfect for quick delivery. Here are five:

  • Why is there still buffering of media in 2016? Do we not have the technology/telecommunications infrastructure in place yet in the developed world to understand how people will consume content? I want to click something, perhaps wait a second for it to start, and then watch it from start to finish. No stopping.
  • “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” came out THIRTY years ago, on June 11, 1986. I grew up with that movie, so it hurts a bit to think it came out that long ago. More and more things like this are starting to make me feel freakin’ old, and it’s not funny.
  • Do we really need dating websites for specific groups of people? Christian Mingle. JDate. Farmers Only. Black People Meet. And whatever that site is called where people are over fifty, and the handsome white haired guy talks about how quickly he got laid using it. Seriously? Why can’t everyone just use the sites meant for everyone? What’s next,
  • Fruit and meat are starting to get disturbingly large. And I’m not even talking about genetically modified or otherwise altered food. I had some blackberries today that were each almost bigger than my thumb. Yes, they were tasty, but I was a bit put off by the fact that it felt like I was eating something from space. And then there are these megaton chicken breasts. They look like they fell out of a plastic surgery catalogue.
  • Does anyone get anything real delivered by mail (i.e. in your mailbox, not in the form of parcels) anymore? All bills are managed electronically, and the vast majority of communication with friends and family happens in email or text or over the phone. The only things I really have to look forward to finding in the mailbox are greeting cards from my grandmother. Everything else is garbage. And it’s not like it can just be ignored… the amount of paper garbage is mountainous.

Written by Dave

May 16, 2016 at 23:53

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