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NYT VR experience

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Remember how I said the other day that I never (or rarely) receive anything of value in the regular mailbox? Well, I happened to get something in there today that caught my attention. Normally, when I find a small, unmarked box from the New York Times, I open it carefully and away from my face just in case of any residual anthrax or something. Today, though, I received what looked like a Viewmaster made of corrugated cardboard.


Watch for paper cuts.

It’s meant to be part of the NYT VR experience. You download an app and wedge your massive smartphone into the front of this obviously inexpensively manufactured viewfinder and watch specially produced videos that allow you to move your head and move the image simultaneously.  It would have been more impressive if my iPhone 6 Plus had fit in it properly or if my massive melon of a head had been able to sit in the space for it without making me sea sick.

There’s lots of potential here, though. Specifically, first-person porn…

Written by Dave

May 19, 2016 at 23:58

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