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CME Political Platform 1: Euthanasia

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This is the first in a series of posts that explains my political beliefs in greater detail, and I thought I’d start with a topic that can’t ever be called easy: assisted suicide.

I believe terminally ill patients (or anyone who so wishes) should be allowed to end their lives with dignity via assisted suicide, but only after a psychological examination to show they fully understand this choice. Banning euthanasia is a prohibition based on religion, which has no place in public policy of any kind.

You’ll notice a trend across the entire spectrum of my political beliefs, and it’s captured in the last sentence of the statement on euthanasia. Religion has no place in public policy of any kind. No faith or faith-driven values in a country where people share more than one religious background (including NO religious background) can be used to prohibit any behavior by law.

The permanent and pronounced separation of church and state is the most important political belief I hold.

Assisted suicide, which should really be called “death with dignity,” affords terminally ill patients (or others) the option to end their lives on their own terms. The reason I stipulate that a psychological examination should be required is because non-assisted suicide (also known as suicide) is the result of mental illness in some form. If a doctor determines that a person is compos mentis when deciding to end his or her life, why in the world should the government say otherwise?