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EgyptAir 804

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Reports are saying that an EgyptAir flight from Paris to Cairo, call sign MS 804, an Airbus A320 aircraft, disappeared from radar at 37,000 feet (approximately 11,300 meters) about 175 miles (282 km) from the Egyptian coast over the southeastern Mediterranean Sea.

There wasn’t adverse weather or other air traffic in the area, and this incident occurred at what was still cruising altitude. The cynic in me says that this could have been a terrorist act. Disappearing from radar either means that an aircraft has been hijacked, has crashed, or both. Hopefully the authorities find out what happened quickly to MS 804 because that explanation is the only thing approaching closure that the families of the victims of this tragedy will ever get.

A plane crash is one of the most frightening, violent, and gruesome ways to die that I can think of.

Written by Dave

May 18, 2016 at 23:59