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Belief in a cruel God makes a cruel man

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A friend of mine from college posted a link from Buzzfeed detailing how the Oreo page on Facebook had posted a picture of a multi-layer rainbow Oreo in recognition of (LGBT) Pride, which took place this past weekend.  The image is innocent but clear enough:

Well, some bitterly ignorant bigots made their presence felt by threatening to boycott one of the most successful baked goods ever made.  A sampling of some of the negative comments…

  • “Being gay is totally wrong and should be a crime.”
  • “gays need to leave america”
  • “I won’t buy any oreos or other Kraft products anymore(;) looks like you have plenty of Faggots to keep your business going!”
  • “Yet another liberal company destroying our religious values and teaching immorality”
  • “This is absolutely disgusting. Your attempt to ‘normalize’ the behavior of homosexuals has cost you a customer.”
  • “Gays can all go kill themselves(;) they are sinners and will burn in hell”
  • “don’t support gays or the companies that do and hell yea I’m a hater! being a fag is just wrong and always will be!!!! you should all be exiled to some island where you can all share aids together!!”
  •  “I hope Nabisco goes out of business for supporting this atrocity. I will make sure my friends and family never again buy your products. Fuck faggots. Hate them so much. So many whose skulls I want to smash in with a hammer. I thank those who support this boycott and GOD BLESS AMERICA.”

WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?  Where do they come from?  What sham of a religion do they pretend to adhere to?  Maybe I wasn’t exposed to self-loathing closet cases like these growing up in New York City or in Canada, but I want nothing to do with anyone who would kill someone over a picture of a fucking cookie.

Jesus might have “saved” you, but he thinks you’re a disgrace to humanity.  Homophobia of this sort is so over, it hurts. The only cure is death… or to have someone you really love tell you he or she is gay.

For every cowardly, criminally backward comment on that picture, there were two dozen positive ones.  And the number of people who liked Oreo on Facebook went up.  Way up.

I’d tell you to rot in hell, bigots, but I know you’re already there.  It’s not too late to secede and form your own failure of a country while the rest of us retake our position of respect and decency among nations.  Just keep that in your back pockets.


Written by Dave

June 26, 2012 at 23:07

Where we’ve been all these years

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I sent out an email to an undisclosed number of people advertising that I had started this blog… restarted it, really.  And one message I got in reply said, “How nice. What brought this about?”

Well, mainly a feeling like I needed to make up for lost time. When I was a student, and even for a couple of years afterwards, I had a blog on LiveJournal where I posted a whole lot of different content: song lyrics, cryptic mood icons, political quizzes, and these ridiculous “shout outs” that viewers sent to the cable music provider I worked at briefly.  It was fun; my friends commented; I enjoyed writing and feeling like I had a place to be social, especially with people I had left behind in another city and country.  Then, I started working more and observing less, and I got to a certain point where I felt like I couldn’t keep up with the blog anymore because I (mistakenly) thought I didn’t have anything to say.

At some point along the way, Facebook emerged as a catch-all method of staying in touch with people from the past in the way I had intended my blog would. When Facebook first came out, I remember it feeling very much like a thing that only students were supposed to use. You got in touch with other people at your own institution, and that was the extent of it. After I graduated from McGill, it was obvious that Facebook was becoming not only a way to be friends with other people at other schools but also with people of all ages.  Also with your parents…  I can remember feeling a little dirty-old-mannish using Facebook after graduating, like it was something for kids; I had my chance to use it, and that was it.  When it was obvious that Facebook was no longer a students-only service, I used it as a tool to remind people that I was still here — in the form of a status update that I would post at some random time each morning.

People seem to like the statuses. Some people seem to like them too much. As in, “I start every day with you!” Creepster.  They are observational, topical, and occasionally emotional… but sometimes they’re hard to come up with. And maybe they have seen their time come and go. People just expect them now. People who don’t use Facebook want me to simulcast on Twitter.  (I do.) Maybe my statuses jumped the shark when the former director of admissions at my high school said she wanted to add me as a friend on Facebook because she’d heard about my wit.

So that’s what brought the idea of the blog back to the front burner – I needed a place to be myself (and my wordier self than I would be in just a status) with a closer group than my Facebook friends.  Awkward questions from long-lost Chilean relatives won’t have a place here. But you will.

Written by Dave

June 20, 2012 at 22:35

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