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I’m not your intended recipient

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I have seen a huge increase in the number of misdirected emails I have received. I know I have a common male first name, David, and not the rarest last name of a certain heritage, so some misdirected emails are inevitable for me. That comes with the privilege of ungooglability and being a relatively early adopter of Gmail, I suppose. My issue is that the majority of the misdirected emails I’m getting are clearly intended for the same older couple in Essex, Connecticut who don’t seem to know (or give half a crap) that the email address they’re giving to their family members, friends, place of worship, preferred women’s apparel shop, and even their boat dealer IS NOT THEIRS.

Every time I receive a wrong-number email, I always send a courtesy alert:

Hello, Mr./Ms. Innocent Goober.

I’m not the intended recipient of your email below. Please verify the email address of the person who was meant to get this message.

Kind regards,
David Notthepersonyoumeant
New York, NY

I always include New York, NY in there because that is normally the most glaring sign for people that they sent their message to the wrong party.

Sometimes I get a response; sometimes I don’t. I don’t really care if the sender responds to apologize or not. What I want him or her to do is to reach out to the goofballs who share my surname and give them a shake. Email address accuracy is important, and the technology has been around long enough that it is no longer acceptable to claim unfamiliarity with how it all works.

PS – If you’re going to send me an email that’s meant for someone else, don’t have the last name McAnally because I’m just going to make fun of you in my mind for the rest of the day…

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May 23, 2016 at 22:15

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