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FLICS #2: Mike Tyson Understudy Edition

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So here are five more things that have sprouted up the last couple of days…

  • Mike Tyson and Broadway mix, apparently. Whose idea was it to put the boxer-turned-wife-beater-turned-prisoner-turned-vegan (?) on stage?  Spike Lee’s.
  • We went to Gotham Bar and Grill for my brother’s birthday a couple of nights ago, and although the food was very tasty, the service was a little over the top, especially considering that the kitchen was slow.  Have you ever had a meal in a nice restaurant where the server tries too hard to show you how much he knows about the menu? “No, Wyatt, I really don’t need an anecdote about the founding of the farm my braised baby bok choy came from.”  Couple that nonsense with the woman at the next table swimming in Estée Lauder’s Youth Dew (Eau d’Old Lady), and you’ve got yourself a weird evening.
  • One thing I’ve taken particular notice of during this super hot, sticky week: some people just have faces that seem like they would be dangerously satisfying to punch.
  •  Speaking of the heat wave, why do the media in New York feel the need to give the most obvious weather advice ever? It’s a couple of degrees short of boiling outside, so don’t wear any sweaters, don’t engage in any strenuous activities outdoors, and don’t attempt to cool down by climbing into your refrigerator.
  • Twitter was down for a not insignificant amount of time today due to what they called a “cascading bug.”  The internet seemed to collectively lose its cotton-pickin’ mind. The first thing I thought of was what a huge increase in actual work productivity it would bring… once everyone stopped bitching about it on Facebook.  Don’t you remember what life was like before we had all these different forms of heroin to be addicted to?

Written by Dave

June 21, 2012 at 22:42