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2016 Stanley Cup Final

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It’s no secret that I love hockey. It should also be known that I am a lifelong fan and, since 2009, a season ticket subscriber of the New York Rangers. Although this season was a disappointment and a huge step backward for the Rangers, that doesn’t mean that I’m just going to stop watching the rest of the playoffs, especially when I’m staring down MONTHS of nothing but baseball and soccer. Woof.

Whenever the Rangers are eliminated from the Stanley Cup Playoffs, which for a team with indisputably the worst history of any Original Six franchise happens rather often, I always like to see teams that have never won before win it all. In a league that likes to tout its parity, why not spread the wealth around when it comes to the actual capturing of sports’ most recognizable trophy? That’s why I’ll be cheering for the dynamic, exciting San Jose Sharks to win the Stanley Cup this year.


Let’s do this, Sharks.

When you combine the fact that the Sharks are playing fantastic, relentless hockey and feature likable players who have earned the legacy of champions (think Joe Thornton, Joe Pavelski, Patrick Marleau, and others) with the fact that they’re matched up against a team I despise and also the team that easily shit-canned the underachieving Rangers in the first round, the Pittsburgh Penguins.

It’s strange; I love the city of Pittsburgh, but I can’t stand the Penguins or their entitled fans and whiny big name stars. This is a team that got everything it ever won by tanking, by being embarrassingly uncompetitive in a strategic fashion in order to draft a generational talent (or two). I just can’t respect a team that builds its talent base in that fashion.

I’m confident that the Sharks will impose their physical dominance on the Penguins, shut down their top offensive players, and make this a short Final… perhaps even skating the Stanley Cup around on Pittsburgh ice.

One can hope.

FLICS #4: Laundry Night Edition

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Here are five more brief topics that have been bouncing around in my head this week:

  • Why do some people have to be the very first people off of trains? They’ll grab or tackle anyone who gets in their way. Are these the same people at the airport who have tickets in Group 8 but are hovering around the gate when Group 1 is boarding? Sit down.
  • My goodness, the baseball season is much too long. With my dear, beloved hockey coming to a close and the mercury annoyingly sneaking into the eighties (thirties Celsius) even before Memorial Day, I have been trying to get myself in the mood for baseball by watching compilation and pump-up videos on YouTube, and I just can’t do it yet; it’s not the summer!
  • We as a society need to do something about the people who stand out on heavily used sidewalks and ask for a few minutes of your time for what is usually a very good cause. As much as I may believe in the message and in giving to charity in general, I do not respond well to this type of solicitation. I am less likely to give to any organization that uses charity muggers… because that’s what they are.  I just want to get to work or get home or get into the market. Leave me alone.
  • I’m still tickled by the fact that Girl Scout cookies come with wine pairings now. I thought this was a joke when I first heard about it, but it is very real. Does no one else see anything wrong with this hipster nonsense? These are cookies sold by minors for heaven’s sake. And who has wine with cookies? People who have to urgently question priorities.
  • Elevator etiquette seems to have gone out the window. Are elevator rides really long enough that people can’t get off the phone, can’t turn down the music, and can’t avoid breaking wind? Be a person… a non-disgusting person.

Written by Dave

May 24, 2016 at 23:50